Flash cms

Content Management Systems with Flash are a relatively new technology. Although Flash technology has been in use since the mid 1990′s, its capability for reading external files was added after version 5. This upgrade allowed web designers to fuse rich motion graphics with dynamic content and eventually led to the evolution of later versions of flash and flex and ultimately to its wide adoption and usage all over the web.


Today, Data Driven Flash applications are being developed globally, in more and more innovative and complex ways across the internet. The emergence and now mainstream use of Flash games, statistical reports and simulations prove that Flash technology has an important role to play in today’s internet and combining dynamic data and 3D environment will surely continue to play a very important part in this field.

CyDezines has proven Flash application development expertise and provides its clients with user-friendly technologies and rich media solutions for both online and offline use, which allow clients to easily manage and update their websites, without any technical skills.