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shows that the top four app stores 09  March 2013

The first quarter of 2013 saw an 11 percent increase in app downloads over all of 2012 combined. This means a total revenue of $2.2 billion.

As people around the world become increasingly more reliant on their mobile devices, the app market continues to grow. New research from market analyst firm Canalys shows that the top four app stores hit 13.4 billion downloads worldwide in the first quarter of 2013. This is an 11 percent increase over all of 2012 combined. [read more]


HTC First, the ‘Facebook Phone,’ Launches April 12th for $9903  March 2013

Today, at their big Android event, Facebook unveiled Home, the company’s new foray into Android. Rather than building a new Facebook OS of sorts, Home is a family of apps that takes over your Android device and turns it into a Facebook phone. With Home, your homescreen becomes one big, photo-oriented Facebook news feed.

So, in reality, any Android phone with Facebook Home is technically a “Facebook phone.” But that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a true Facebook phone portion of the announcement.[read more]


Introducing the Google Wallet Mobile ATM 03  March 2013

While payments are going digital, we realize that some daily consumer interactions will still require cash. So today, we’re excited to announce the release of the Google Wallet Mobile ATM. The mobile ATM device easily attaches to most smartphones and dispenses money instantly and effortlessly– forever ending your search for the nearest bank or ATM. Just type in your personal pin code on your cell phone and access all your cash from the palm of your hand. [read more]


Join Venture for Cydezines and Co.Co Marketing 22  December 2011

The business co-operation between website experts CyDezines, and Communication specialists Co.Co. Marketing was today announced. The two companies together in co-operation aim to offer clients a full marketing service package from Website Design to Advertising, providing for their clients all Marketing needs [read more]


FindaCyProperty app 1  November 2011

FindaCyProperty has been designed to help property owners and real estate agents reach out to a larger audience of potential buyers. It does not replace the conventional marketing techniques but rather compliment them with cutting edge technology.If you are searching for a property in Cyprus, download our application and start searching for that desired home.. [read more]


Cyprus Airways Touchscreen Software 8  April 2010

Cyprus Airways prides itself on being a traditional Cypriot hospitable airline by infusing the Mediterranean spirit into its flights.
It has the reputation of being a modern airline with outstanding customer commitment, and years of knowledge with extensive achievements. As times are changing and technology is progressing rapidly, Cyprus Airways looked for a new .. [read more]


Redesign of CyPrint PLC Website
10  November 2009
When one of the largest print companies in Cyprus was looking to redesign and update it website they choose CyDezines to help them create a new and vibrant website that reflected their professionalism and experience in the print market. The new dynamically driven website was developed using our very own “DZcms” content management system [read more]


ProDisplay screens at Larnaca Airport 13  October 2009
The company behind the launch of the new international airport at Larnaca were looking for a state of the art solution to their advertising needs to compliment this multi million euro project.
After contacting Pro Display they had found their solution!  [read more]


Deloitte Airport Billboard Campaign 9  October 2009
With one goal in mind Deloitte the leaders in accounting, auditing and consulting services needed a dynamic and creative company to help them spread maximum awareness of the Green Dot campaign in Cyprus.
With this in mind they approached CyDezines, a Web & Graphics business solutions company that builds brands, develops ideas and helps create companies’ identities via design, promotion and marketing [read more]


Club X Printed Media 9  October 2009
Club X is one of the largest clubs situated in the heart of Limassol catering to the clubbers of Cyprus. In July they employed CyDezines to communicate to the clubbers of the world what was happening at Club X.
CyDezines is now solely responsible for all aspects of the promotional material distributed by Club X, this includes the art work and design of the interior and exterior advertising posters used in the club. Even the parts of the wallpaper and some decorative stickers are designs made by CyDezines [read more]


Completion of JPP Marketing Website 28  August 2009
CyDezines’ latest website design and web development project is that of JPP Marketing, an e-marketing agency based in Limassol, Cyprus.
Providing e-marketing services including e-marketing strategy planning, advanced web analytics, website design consulting, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media optimisation, email marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising such as Google Adwords campaigns, JPP Marketing has been growing rapidly in this sector [read more]


Love Island Travel 10  August 2009
Love Island is considered the leading travel agency in Cyprus and has proved its reputation by being in the business for more than 25 years. With extensive knowledge of the tourism industry, and specialization packages for France including Disneyland Paris, Greece and Cyprus, Love Island looked to CyDezines to create a glossy 42 page brochure to illustrate this for its clients’ needs [read more]


ProDisplay Cyprus Opening Party 16  July 2009

CY Dezines are pleased to announce that the launch day for ProDisplay products was a huge success.
It was attended by notable individuals from across many business sectors of Cyprus.
ProDisplay have created a truly unique range of display products and solutions, the visual display products are a combination of design, flair and innovation [read more]


Kean 60th Anniversary 9  May 2009
Kean approached CyDezines to build an interactive promotional game to commemorate their 60thbirthday. CyDezines welcomed the opportunity and developed a slot machine which was based on a skill game and the prizes won are generated by the probability engine which was coded with actionscript and XML [read more]


Sixt Cars Advertising Campaign 5  March 2009
Another successful ongoing campaign taken on by CyDezines was for Sixt, one of the biggest global vehicle rental and hire agencies around the world. Sixt required a full package consisting [read more]

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