Love Island Holiday Brochure

Love Island Holiday Brochure
10  August 2009


Love Island is considered the leading travel agency in Cyprus and has proved its reputation by being in the business for more than 25 years. With extensive knowledge of the tourism industry, and specialization packages for France including Disneyland Paris, Greece and Cyprus, Love Island looked to CyDezines to create a glossy 42 page brochure to illustrate this for its clients’ needs.

CyDezines, specialists in Web Graphics solutions, building brands and marketing designed a brochure with beautiful photographs, ease of use layout, and finished it with a clean cut high gloss front cover design.

The brochure needed to focus on the key services Love Island offered by being creative and original with the objective to attract its client’s attention. As Love Island was already an established and recognized company for its experience and knowledge in the industry the brochure had to stand out.

CyDezines took the challenge and embraced it concentrating on promoting the already flourishing brand. Through hard work and dedication the concept was built upon resulting in the finished and widely recognized completed brochure.

The brochure was targeted and distributed successfully by travel agencies in France and received rave revues when exhibited at the 2010 Nicosia travel and tourism expo.

Through the campaign Love Island have proved and remained top of their game after so many years in the industry. CyDezines simply reminded the public of what this powerful brand stands for.