Curves Advertising Campaign

Curves Advertising Campaign
15  January 2010


Curves, the largest fitness franchise in the world and leaders in sports and leisure were looking for a company to help create a mass marketing campaign around Cyprus.

CyDezines a Web and Graphics business solutions company had the means and knowhow to fulfill such a large scale campaign. With a reputation for creating identities, marketing and building brands of their clients CyDezines had what it takes.

Cydezines known for their passion and flare for creativity, combined their skills, knowledge and expertise, to create a campaign that gave maximum exposure and awareness amongst the female population in Cyprus.

Curves were already known and established in their field with the promise to help women become someone special. Through a 30 minute fitness program, 3 times a week, the concept allowed women to workout every major muscle group in their body and burn up to 500 calories through a proven program. This complete fitness and nutritional solution needed a specific targeted campaign that allowed them to convey the importance of staying healthy as a woman.

CyDezines came up with the design concept and created a cost effective strategic marketing plan by using billboards and printed media in order to get the best results.

The Billboards were to be placed island wide at 3 different time periods over the year of 2010, 75 billboards in total. This allowed Curves to stay within the public eye and become a well known and recognized brand in Cyprus.

The Printed media was also done in a tactical way, again being distributed at 3 different time periods over the year. With a total of 500,000 flyers being delivered door to door Curves would gain constant recognition, reaching all possible targets.

Together both CyDezines and Curves build on an already successful brand resulting in greater success amongst the female population in Cyprus.