Cyprus Airways Touchscreen Software

Cyprus Airways Touchscreen Software
8  April 2010


Cyprus Airways prides itself on being a traditional Cypriot hospitable airline by infusing the Mediterranean spirit into its flights. It has the reputation of being a modern airline with outstanding customer commitment, and years of knowledge with extensive achievements.

As times are changing and technology is progressing rapidly, Cyprus Airways looked for a new and different concept to be designed, to make the visitor’s experience at the 2010 National Exhibition of Tourism more hands on.

CyDezines were the perfect choice of company to build on such a concept, as they had the expertise in services such as motion graphics, marketing and multimedia design. They took the idea and developed the first full project on a touch screen system which allowed a user to take control of their flight experience.

As space was limited at the exhibition CyDezines came up with an appropriate solution by using glass panels complimenting the stall, giving maximum visual impact and simultaneously inviting the user to interact with the touchscreen. The touchscreen technology was provided by ProDisplay who are known for their innovative designs. The screen fitted the needs exceptionally due to its neatly concealed rear projector taking very little space, giving maximum visibility and ease of use.

The project was designed and developed on a Flash platform and was created to give a main focus on user interface and thus creating an unforgettable user experience. The goal was to bring graphical and photographic elements to life and engage potential customers to take control of their destination in a virtual way. The touchscreen had the perfect elements and gave more than expected for the users’ interactive experience.

The software consisted of a map with destinations which specified the seasonal scheduled and charter flights and is often included in the in-flight magazine. This application gave the familiar destination map an unfamiliar depth and dynamism.
Each destination had a Polaroid picture popup, nicely designed which could be enlarged and moved by the user. Once a destination was selected the user could view the duration of the flight, standard information of the location, and the hot-spots of the destination they wish to fly to.

The creativity of this project received outstanding reviews and exceeded expectations. Not only was it designed in a skillful way, but it kept the user engaged and interested throughout its use.