ProDisplay screens at Larnaca Airport

ProDisplay screens at Larnaca Airport
13  October 2009


The company behind the launch of the new international airport at Larnaca were looking for a state of the art solution to their advertising needs to compliment this multi million euro project.

After contacting Pro Display they had found their solution!  Pro Display put together a package that meets all requirements of the client and a busy international airport.

The Pro Display solution was to provide 6 x 60 inch Pro Diffusion screens, which each have their own concealed projector display, displaying advertising material all day long.

Pro Displays, Pro Diffusion screen is currently our top selling screen offering a perfect balance between cost and performance.  The 60 inch Pro Diffusions screen evenly distributes the projectors beam across the screen, with no dull or bright spots.

Pro Diffusion comes in either a 5mm acrylic screen or an adhesive film that simply attaches to any glass panel.
Pro Diffusion technology allows you to take up the minimum amount of space, no TV’s in sight, just a stunning solution that fits perfectly with the clean and modern interior of the airport.

Larnaca Airport  chose to  have 6 of  the adhesive film  screens  installed at passport control, where they  are effective in  not only  attracting attention for the ads, but for the Pro Diffusion installation itself, the film is so thin the adverts seem to float  in the glass panels much  to  the amazement of the travellers making their way through passport control.

Worldwide telecom giant MTN currently is using all 6 screens to promote their 2010 world Cup advertising campaign.