Sixt Cars Advertising Campaign

Sixt Cars Advertising Campaign
5  March 2009

Another successful ongoing campaign taken on by CyDezines was for Sixt, one of the biggest global vehicle rental and hire agencies around the world. Sixt required a full package consisting of posters, flyers, promotional bags, magazine ads, price lists, and a personalized glossy cover company magazine celebrating their 10 years in Cyprus.

CyDezines with their expert knowledge in marketing and Web Graphic business solutions built on an already existing brand to create this detailed campaign. The requirements meant thorough planning and marketing was needed to get maximum exposure of this already successful company, by using all means of advertising.

With a known name for being the leaders in first class rentals, Sixt approached CyDezines to come up with the best means of advertising to promote their brand in a continuous campaign.  Having more than 3500 rental stations worldwide and offering a range of holiday and corporate cars, sports cars, minivans and even limousines, Sixt had a lot to shout about.  The company strives at being top in their field by giving the best deals and creating special offers to meet all types of clientele needs.

This needed to be reached on all areas of the island, so by using posters, flyers and various magazine ads in an informative and creative design, the objective was achieved to the maximum.CyDezines also came up with the branding and color scheme of a price list and a unique, beautifully designed promotional carry bag for Sixt.

For the final stage of this campaign CyDezines created a striking celebratory 50 page glossy cover magazine, of 10 years in Cyprus for Sixt that would be handed out to its customers. This consisted of general information and interesting facts of Cyprus which was appreciated and well received by Sixt clientele.
The campaign was a great success and still continues due to CyDezines professional approach and skills in marketing and design.