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EAP is one of the first and till today one of the leading ship suppliers in the country operating and delivering in all the ports of the Republic of Cyprus.

PHILIASTIDES Trading & Shipping Services (now Eap Marine Ltd) was established 47 years ago in 1960, and possesses a long experience in the ship supplies. It provides full service for all kinds of Provisions, Cabin, Deck and Engine Stores. Particularly excels in all kind of deck/cabin/engine/technical stores.

As a member of ISSA we always operate, process and deliver according to the ISSA standards ISO 9003 and BS 5750 products and promise an excellent quality and service.

EAP Marine
EAP Marine
EAP Marine

EAP Catering Management
EAP Marine Catering is a prominent operator on the Cyprus, Greece and international business circuit, probably the only one of its kind in terms of diversification and scope of operation.

Its mission is the provision of catering and Chandelling services, which during its nearly 50 years of being in business has developed and expanded to satisfy the growing and ever diverse needs of its customers.

From its roots in the Piraeus, EAP catering has known how to assert itself on markets throughout the world. A conquest starting way back in 1960 when Elias Philiastides initiated this venture by supplying ships as a traditional ship Chandler .From its origins in Cyprus, the business has subsequently expanded to all 5 continents in terms of a supply network through which catering management is being enabled.

EAP Marine serves and distributes food to 180 ships every month, thanks to its predefine network of 5 continents, 58 countries at 498 ports worldwide.

Every customer has special needs, and this is why EAP is well known for its excellent flexibility and holds almost no identical contract for every and each different ship.

A successful business that has achieved a series of important milestones, starting with its original foundation on the strength of what has proved to be a winning instinct: to offer its customers-partners the transformation of food service and other using EAP expertise.