Dz eCommerce includes all the features of DZcms plus:

- Add, edit or delete item categories including sub-categories
- Featured items
- Order status
- Shopping cart
- Invoice, Receipt and Delivery note generator

Dz eCommerce includes many more features, please contact us for further information

DeZine eCommerce Content Management System (DZ eCommerce) – Overview

DZ eCommerce is basically short for electronic commerce, and is the process of buying and selling online and receiving payments for goods or services online. With DZ eCommerce website your business is open 24-7, allowing you to continuously sell your products, wherever you are. It enables you to work from home and capture a global market. This ultimately allows you to open sales doors you never thought you could open and increase the size of the marketplace you deliver your product to.

If your business is involved with online sales transactions then you know that the software and technology involved in the process is just as important as the products it’s meant to sell. If your site goes down, you lose money. If your credit card processing goes down, you lose money. If you can’t convince the customer to buy, you lose money. That seems like there are a lot of risk factors involved in opening and running an online business!

Why not take the stress out of the situation by looking to DZ eCommerce to help you build a successful internet storefront. Our e-Commerce solutions are fast, reliable, compatible, and above all, powerful! We can fit our solutions into your sales workflow, no matter what the complexity. From simply handling e-mail orders to complex real-time transactions, we can handle anything you throw at us!

Our e-Commerce solutions are completely customisable, from the look to the flow! Plus, if you need it, we have a library of known successful catalog layouts and product presentation schemes. Allow our expertise to work to your advantage! No matter what approach you take with us, you can rest assured that DZ eCommerce will provide you with a powerful, reasonably priced, and quickly delivered solution to fit your needs!

For further information on DZ eCommerce and how it can help your business online, please contact us.