Easy Hotel Online Booking System

Easy Hotel Online Booking System

EasyHotel constitutes a complete administrative sales and marketing tool which focuses on the credible service for all hotel customer types, from individual customers through the Internet to travel agencies, allotment contracts, companies, frequent customers, conferences, weddings e.tc offering them the potential for an easy, quick and absolutely secure procedure of booking.

Addresses To
Hotel chains, independent hotels and rooms to let as well as compartments of all categories; accommodation, camping, villas, ski centres e.tc that wish to have multiple reservations (a larger amount of types and numbers of rooms) of individual Internet customers on top of travel agencies’ reservations, allotments contracts, companies, conferences e.tc. and also the search for available rooms to be based on the number and the usage from adults-children per room.

Ultimate security for credit card payments through the internet
The full responsibility for the transactions is taken by a contractor bank, which confirms on-line the validity of the credit card details (number, expiry date, balance, invalidation e.tc). The security level is supporting the most firm security specifications (3D-Secure) with Verified by Visa and SecureCode by MasterCard standards. The first hotels in Europe implementing the 3D-Secure infrastructure are customers of easyHotel.

Flexibility on the agency level
Flex reservation engine provides unlimited potential for combinations of up to 15 adults and children of 3 different ages with differing dietary requirements. The search occurs based on the total number of rooms and usage from adults-children per room type. Only available room types are presented, which can host the selected combination of use, giving the possibility of choosing the same room type more than once for every different usage.

Multiple bookings in zero time
All types of customers have now the ability to choose more than one type and numbers of rooms. A travel agency with only one booking procedure at the end of the day can record all the bookings at your hotel at exactly the same time needed for a single booking and then receive a brief voucher for all reservations.

Increase of the company reservations
After two years of the system’s productive running, it arises that in relation to any other booking method through the same web site it starts from 50% and it reaches, in selected periods 1500%, while with a web site designed by SecureShop accompanied by SEO and web marketing there is an increase of 100% in relation to the previous year.

Ultimate adjustment with your hotel special needs
easyHotel is a flexible software, rather than a standard booking engine, which embodies all of the hotel features (booking, sales, payment, cancellations and special offers policies) in an entirely automated procedure, in order to constitute an ideal sales tool for each enterprise.

High Performance and fast amortization
The costs of installation can be recouped within just a few months. Now all the participating entrepreneurs are stating officially that the price-output ratio is exceptional.

Service of all types of customers (travel agents, companies, conferences etc.)
easyHotel comprises complete sales management which serves all types of customers of a hotel. The system, apart from individual customers and frequent customers through the internet, is handling the travel agencies of specific allotment contracts or multiple price lists with particular policies, as well as corporate customers, executives, airlines etc. Special price lists are maintained for weekends, Long Stay and reservations for conference members or weddings etc. The system contains a database of 1400 Greek travel agencies, sorted by geographical areas, with a facility of newsletter mailing, issuing of access codes for prices and special offers. The database can be enriched with extra accounts that each hotel has at its disposal.

Alternatives of acquisition:
Based on the certified performance of the system, we are in a position to offer you various ways of obtaining the Hotel Edition, so that you can choose what’s best for you, without loading your budgets and also without taking any business risks in relation to your investment. Please, contact us and we will provide you with all the information you may need on how you will get the easyHotel.