Website Design and Development

Our web design and development services range from small 5 page micro sites, to full blown e-commerce database driven solutions. Our full spectrum of design and development services makes us the ideal solution for all your web based needs.

The majority of our clients rely on us for custom web design solutions. A user friendly clear and focused web design, mixed with Flash accent pieces, PHP based forms, and search engine optimization, is the most common recipe for success on the web these days. With this in mind we always like to propose solutions using the most relevant web design services and skill-sets necessary to meet your individual needs and the requirements of your customers.

CyDezines LTD also offers a number of other valuable web design-related services, including Flash design, dynamic form development, and e-commerce solutions. Please visit our portfolio for examples of these additional services, or request a quote today.

In the development of a new website there are 5 key stages, beginning with the research of the project where the business case is established through tomaintain & evaluate when the website is delivered.

These stages of development take place in a complex environment that is influenced and controlled by factors such as user requirements, budget, market and industry analysis and the applied internet technology (ie, flash, flex, php etc).

The Steps

  1. Research
  2. Plan
  3. Design, Develop & Test
  4. Operate, maintain and evaluate
  5. Redesign (if necessary then back to 2)


At this stage, the website takes starts to form as an idea. This idea is tested through examining its business case and in particular, the demand from users and the value of the product or service to be delivered.

In this stage, the website is planned in detail. The more effort put into planning, the more successful the website is likely to be. Careful Strategic Planning will save time in the long run by avoiding the need to repeat previous steps.

Planning requires a thorough understanding of user needs to ensure that the project can be delivered successfully. The outcome of this stage is a detailed project plan including information architecture and conceptual design.

Design, Develop & Test
At this stage the actual structure of the website is developed. Starting with the design phase, there is a lot of consultation with the client and continuous feedback until a final design is agreed. Once the design is finalized, the actual website is then built and tested.

The testing phase is a cycle itself and this is where we iron out programming and other minor functionality issues to ensure smooth running of your website and an engaging customer experience. Once the testing is done we can move on to the next phase of launching the website.

Operate, maintain and evaluate
At this stage, the website is live and maintained, with regular upgrades and any modifications necessary. This stage involves keeping everything up to date and regularly reporting on site functionality, to ensure that the website is a success and widely accessible. One ingredient of a successful website is continuous assessment of its performance. This evaluation period may highlight additional user requirements which were not previously considered or minor tweaks and functions which may be required to improve the website even further or add more features, and so at this stage some further design and development may be required.

The decision to completely redesign a website should be based on the performance and success of the website and whether the client’s needs have changed since initial design and build. This involves starting again at the planning stage, while continuing to operate and maintain the existing website. Once the redesigned website has passed stage 3 it will go live to replace the existing website.
Cydezines can help to improve and refocus your existing site based on your requirements or add further functionality and services to your current website.