How it works

We can make your business mobile friendly in 3 easy steps…


Step 1 - Select domain

We will provide options on the availability of your preferred mobile domain name, and secure it on your behalf for a full 12 months.

Step 2 – Adding content

We add all the essential content to your mobile website, including contact details, logo, images, special offer, map, service information and more.

Step 3 – Push it to live

We send your mobile website for approval, and once signed off we make it live and also add to Google for faster indexing.

…And that’s it, your business is now mobile friendly!


Why does my business need to be mobile friendly?

  • Mobile searches have grown 400% in only 2 years.
  • By 2013 mobiles will overtake desktops as the preferred device for online search.
  • 40% of mobile searches are for local services. Without a mobile friendly presence you run the risk of missing out on many extra enquiries.

Why do I need a .tel name? I already have a .com or site.

The majority of websites are not mobile friendly and as such can be difficult to view on a smartphone such as an iPhone. A .tel name gives you an instant mobile presence. We can also

provide a redirect code and instructions so mobile users who click on your main website are redirected to your .tel (saving you a lot of time and money in developing your existing site).

What makes the .tel quicker on mobiles than my existing site?

The content of your .tel is structured in a search engine friendly manner, so the information is retrieved and displayed quickly and clearly. Single click to call, email etc make it easy for

potential customers to connect with you directly via their mobiles.

Can’t I just make my existing site mobile friendly?

You can, however it involves the same level of work as when your website was originally developed, so it takes considerable time and money.

Can I track the number of visitors to my .tel name?

Yes, we have integrated Google Analytics into each .tel name, and can track visitors and even the actions they take on your .tel name.

Can I purchase more than one .tel name?

Yes, however, each name needs to be purchased separately. For your convenience, all your .tel names can be managed through a single account.